Aqua Max 505

Aqua Max 505 – Water – dilutable , film forming wood warnish

Aqua Max 505

About Product

Type of Material : Water – dilutable , film forming wood warnish
Range of uses : For all deciduous and coniferous woods outdoors and indoors such as
wooden ceilings and panels, doors, shelves, Windows, fences, roof eaves, garage doors etc. Not suitable as coating for parquet and floorboards.

Properties : Water-dilutable, fast drying, low odour, easy to process, protects againist
Rays ( expect colourless), crust-fre processing possible, block stable, drip-inhibited

Shades : Colourless (*), White, pine, moor-oak, chesnut, light burma, teak, oak, walnut,
*Due to the missing colour pigments, Aqua Max 505 in the shade ‘colourless’ should
Only be applied outdoors in conjunction with a coloured varnish, otherwise there will be no UV protection.


How to Apply Aqua Max 505?

Binder base                       : Hybrid-combination

Pigment base                    : Micronized iron oxide, carbon black, titanium dioxide

Density                                : approx. 1,010 – 1,070 g/cm³ depending on shade

Degree of gloss                 : Silk-gloss

Tinting colours                  : Varnish shades may be mixed amongst themselves.

Viscosity                              : Slightly thixotropic

Thinner                                : If needed then dilute with water. The product is supplied ready for use.

Processing temperature : When processing and drying, above +5 ˚C for substrate and air

Drying  (23 ˚ C 60 %rel. air humidity)

Dust dry                              : after approx 30 minutes

Touch dry                           : 2-3 hours

Re-coatable                       : 6-8 hours

Spreading rate                  : ca.10m² / l

Product code                     : M-KH 01

The substrate must be portative, dry, clean and free of seperating substances (oil, grease, wax). The wood moisture may reach a max. of %18. In the case of
Exterior rough woods highly endangered by blue stain, a priming with Jansen wood
Primer WV is recommendable Pay attention to constructive wood protection (curved edges, angle of run-off etc)
Intact old coatings have to be sanded carefully. Old coatings which do not adhere
Well have to be removed completely and should then be treated as rough wood.

AQUA MAX 505 is supplied ready for use.
Stir well before use.
The coating should be applied with a flat brush
In order to achieve a better penetration in rough wood. It is recommended to dilute
The first coating with 10-15 % water. The further coatings can be effected undiluted.
When used outdoor, apart from the prime coat, at least two further coats have to be applied; when used indoor, a single coating is sufficient in most cases. The colour score is influenced by the various types of wood as well as through the layer
When applying on tropical woods, please observe the appropriate technical data
sheet of the kind of wood.

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