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Type of material

    Water-resistant wax-based varnish for the exterior and interior area


How to apply Edelwachs?

Product properties

–  Underlines the natural and aesthetic beauty of the wood.

–  Provides for a velvety surface.

–  After drying, the material is weatherproof.

–  Protects against UV-rays (except colourless)

–  Superior wax is fast drying, odourless, easy to apply, can be applied seamlessly, and is block-resistant, drip-   inhibited and bee-friendly. 2 – 3 coats of paint can be applied per day.

–  DIN EN 71 Part 3:2013 + A3:2018 compliant and resistance to artificial salvia and sweat:

–  DIN 53160 Part 1 & 2.

Range of Uses

For all deciduous and coniferous woods such as wooden ceilings, visible roof structures, panels, beams, wood mouldings, floor boards, tables, benches, cabinets, doors, shelves and other wooden furnitures. For the treatment of bee hives, bee boxes and wooden components used in connection with beekeeping. Not suitable for use in organic apiculture


Stir well before use.

The substrate must be stable, dry, clean and free of non-adhesive media (oil, grease, waxes, resins). The max. wood moisture must be 18 %.
The coat of paint should be applied using the flat brush.
In order to achieve a better penetration into untreated wood, we recommend diluting the first coat with 5 % water. The subsequent coats are applied in an undiluted fashion.  The colouring is influenced by different types of wood as well as by the layer thickness.

In the exterior area, 3 coats of paint should be applied, otherwise the weather protection is not given. In the interior area, usually 1 or 2 coats of paint are sufficient. Brushing, roller application. Can also be sprayed. Afterwards, rework using a brush following the direction of the wood grain.

Drying  times (23 ˚ C ve %60 rel. air humidity)

Dust-dry                                             : After approx. 20 minutes

Touch-proof                                      : 1 hour

Ready for overcoating                   : 3-4 hours

Thinning                                              : with water

Degree of gloss                                : Silk gloss

Consumption                                    : Approx. 12-14 m²/l per coat,

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