Raymax Zinc Aluminium Spray

Raymax Zinc Aluminium Spray

About Product

• Corrosion protection for water and weather-prone structures

• For repairing damaged zinc surfaces

• For coating inner sheet metal edges spot welding

• Applicable for heating systems, pipelines, Steel superstructures, radiators, railings, crash barriers etc.

• Fast drying, very productive

• Good chemical resistance

Hopw To Apply Raymax Zinc Aluminium Spray?


Iron, steel, metals (cleaned and ground)


Wear personal protection equipment. (gloves / goggles) For more information, see safety data sheet.

Shake can thoroughly for 2 minutes – starting from when the mixing balls are heard.

Optimum application at 18° C – 25° C. The substrate must be dry and free of dust and grease.

Spraying distance : 15 cm – 25 cm, Hold the can as upright as possible.

Spray passes         : 2 spray coats: approx. 30 – 40 μm Start spraying outside of the Paint surface and wear evenly in Cross several thin coats on. Cross coat means spraying on a first horizontal and then one vertical layer.


dust dry               : 5 – 10 min

dry to touch       : 30 – 40 min.

fully cured          : 24 hours

Finish :

After finishing the painting process can turn around and spray the valve empty.

Please note :

Do not spray on synthetic resin painted surfaces, as the paint may pull up.

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