Aqua Impragnol 06

Aqua Impragnol 06

Aqua Impragnol 06

About Product

Water soluble wood protection salt concentrate on boron base for impregnation in accordance with DIN 68 800.

Preventative conservation for wood used for building under the roof, which is not exposed to precipitation, against lignivorous insects (house loghorn beetle, woodworm) and lignivorous fungous growth (dry rot). For woods which may come into direct contact with concrete or mortar, there is no loss in effectiveness.

How To Apply Aqua Impragnol 06?


Aqua Impragniergrund must be mix well before use. Apply by dipping and vacuum system. It is ready for application.  The last coat, paint/varnish, can be applied after 24 hours. All handworks on wood must be finished before impregnation by dipping. Dipping time is 10- 15 minutes for softwood, more than 15- 25 minutes for hardwood. Dipping and brush application

Technical Properties

Drying time                   : 24 hours

(23 ° C 60 % rel. air humidity)


12-15 L/ m3; according to wood thickness

Range of  Uses

It is suitable for all kinds of wood that is in touch without sand. Not suitable for apiaries, hothouses and greenhouses. Not to be used with wood which may come into direct contact with food or feed.

Copper, iron and their alloys are not susceptible to attack. Glass is not attacked. Concentrate for water-based impregnation reduces the combustibility of the wood (is however no fire protection agent). The application of this wood preservative may only be carried out by experts experienced in wood protection.

Substrate Preparation

The substrate must be portative, dry, clean and free of separating substances (oil, grease, wax). The wood moisture may amount to max. 12 %.

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